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Pillow for feeding of the child
  • Pillow for feeding of the child

Pillow for feeding of the child

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Usually they differ from a usual pillow in a form, design and of course material. This pillow consists as if of two parts connected among themselves allowing to support a stomach. It is convenient as for the right and left side. Also it reduces the weight of the stomach. If you need a pillow for pregnant women then call or come to us to showroom.

As a rule, the pillow has about 1,5 meters. And without efforts repeats a shape of all your body. Such pillow is ideally suited for daily rest. Of course your usual pillow can be suitable for you during pregnancy, but when you sleep there are some side effects, the stomach puts very big pressure upon your back, legs or hips suffer.

When you choose such
​​ a pillow it is necessary to consider several rules, it has to be from qualitative material, and you should have no allergy to material of which it is made, it has to keep the form.

Pillow for feeding - one of those pleasant trifles which provide convenience and comfort to young mother in the course of feeding of the kid. And the convenient pose is, first of all, guarantee of long and successful breastfeeding.

Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2021

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